At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we get many questions about our emerald ash borer treatment. Muncie and Richmond residents often wonder about the value of the treatment—and what exactly an emerald ash borer is. If you’ve been thinking the same, then allow us to answer this common question.

An emerald ash borer (also called an EAB) is an exotic insect that likes to set up its home on ash trees. Most EABs are distinguished by their emerald green, metallic coloring. The average length of an emerald ash borer in the United States is between 10 and 13 millimeters.

emerald ash borer


The reasons many Indiana residents are opting for EAB treatment is because these ash borers can move in and destroy ash trees very quickly. The EABs like to get inside your tree and stay there. However, you want to stop emerald ash borers before they arrive by getting an ash borer treatment on any ash trees you want to save on your property.

These emerald ash borer treatments are both safe and effective. Our pest control technicians go straight to the heart of your trees, injecting the treatment directly into the trunk of the tree where ash borers spend most of their time. This method has proven to be very reliable for eliminating and protecting against EABs.

If you’re a Muncie, IN or Richmond, IN homeowner with ash trees on your property, contact All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC today at (765) 371-4186. Our team can answer all your questions about EAB treatments and other pest control services. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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