The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an exotic beetle that can cause vast amounts of damage to ash trees. These insects spend 90% of their life cycle living in and feeding off of trees. Thankfully, All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC knows how to effectively treat EAB without placing your family or pets at risk. However, the best way to treat EAB is to catch them before they cause large amounts of damage. Watch for these signs of EAB in your Muncie yard.

5 Signs of Emerald Ash Borer Damage

1. Woodpecker Activity

Many types of woodpeckers feed on EAB larvae and pupae. As they peck, they strike the outer bark of the tree, looking for EABs as well as many other insects. Increased woodpecker activity does not necessarily mean your trees have EAB since these birds hunt and peck for other types of bugs as well.

2. Canopy Thinning

EAB can cause thinning of the top one-third of a tree’s canopy. As it continues to infest a tree, canopy thinning will progress until the tree is almost bare. There are other conditions that can also cause canopy thinning, or canopy die-back, like disease and soil compaction.

3. Epicormic Sprouting

Epicormic sprouts grow from dormant buds that can be found along the trunk and branches of a tree. When ash trees are stressed by EAB, they counteract this stress by growing new branches and leaves. These leaves are often much larger than normal. 

4. D-Shaped Exit Holes

Adult EABs leave behind unique D-shaped exit holes as they exit ash trees. These distinctly shaped holes are a very strong sign that your trees are infested with EAB. 

5. S-Shaped Tunnels

Trees ravaged with EAB also have unique S-shaped tunnels directly beneath the bark. These tunnels become visible when the tree’s bark splits due to EAB activity. They are also packed with frass, which is a mixture of sawdust and insect droppings.

Safe and Effective EAB Treatment

The team at All Brothers uses targeted EAB treatments to defend against these pests to eliminate any risk to your family or property. Contact us today at (765) 371-4186 to learn more about our ash borer treatment methods. We also provide lawn pest control, seeding and renovation, and fertilization and weed control.

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