Perimeter Pest ControlWhen it comes to pest control, prevention is the name of the game. It’s much easier (and less stress for you) to stop little critters before they make their way into your home, instead of trying to eliminate them and their families once they’ve set up house in yours. To prevent pests in your Indiana home, our team at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC recommends perimeter pest control.

What is perimeter pest control?

As the name suggests, perimeter pest control treats the outside area around your house—the perimeter. Our crew will use a specially formulated spray around the edges of your home, three feet up the side of your house and three feet out. This service is considered an add-on to your traditional indoor pest control treatment.

Why is it important?

Perimeter pest control helps prevent or dissuade bugs and insects from even entering your home. It acts as a barrier, helping you keep bugs out before they lay claim over your home. Many of our customers value this added layer of protection because it gives them peace of mind.

How often should my house be treated?

Perimeter pest control is an add-on service, which means you can decide to include it when you get your quarterly service or on an as-needed basis. Your best bet is to consult with one of our staff members about your pest control needs, and we can help you develop a plan that includes perimeter pest control as well as any of our other services.

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