If you’ve noticed signs of emerald ash borer on your trees, it’s time to consider professional EAB treatment. There are typically four types of EAB treatment that licensed pesticide applicators use to rid your tree of this nasty beetle. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we use the trunk injection method, which is a highly effective EAB solution. Learn more about all four treatment methods to understand why we choose this method to heal your diseased trees.

4 Types of Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

1. Trunk Injection

Applied by a licensed pesticide applicator, trunk injections can be as high as 90% effective when administered properly. A hole is drilled through the bark and outer sapwood of the affected tree, and the treatment is injected into the tree. This treatment can last anywhere from one to three years. There is a possibility of wounding the tree from the treatment process. 

2. Soil Drench

Soil drench EAB treatment is generally applied in a liquid or granule form. Prior to the treatment, the ground area surrounding the tree is cleared. The granules are applied and the tree is watered, allowing the pesticide to soak into the soil and be drawn up into the roots. These treatments are more effective when applied by a tree professional but they can have a serious environmental impact on any plants or animals near the tree.

3. Bark Spray

A formulated insecticide, bark spray is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a treatment that is sprayed on the bottom five to six feet of the affected ash tree. The insecticide accesses the tree through the bark and runs through the tree’s entire system. This once-a-year treatment isn’t as effective as trunk injections. Plus, it can spread onto nearby plants and affect animals living nearby.

4. Remove & Replace

With remove and replace, the diseased tree is removed, disposed of properly, and replaced with a healthy tree. This non-pesticide treatment is 100% effective and can immediately stop the spread of EAB. While you can perform this task on your own, a licensed tree care professional understands exactly how to plant a new tree and ensure it sets healthy, strong roots.

Professional Ash Borer Treatment

Contact All Brothers Lawn Squad at (765) 371-4186 to schedule EAB treatment for your Richmond, Portland, Union City, or Muncie area property. We also provide seeding and renovation, aeration, fertilization and weed control, and many other lawn care services.

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