Taking care of your lawn may seem like a simple task, but there are many lawn care mistakes that can result in a brown yard with little to no grass. At All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC, we recommend making sure you’re not practicing these four common mistakes so you can enjoy your beautiful and thriving Muncie lawn.

4 Common Lawn Care Treatment Mistakes

1. Too Much Fertilizer

Fertilizer provides much-need nutrients for your grass to grow; it’s basically food for your lawn. If you overfertilize the yard, though, just like when we tend to overeat at holiday gatherings, you may be causing more damage than good. Too much fertilizer can harm the grass, causing it not to grow. Plus, it can promote lawn disease.

2. Too Much Water

This may seem like it could never be a problem, but watering your lawn too much can cause severe damage. An abundance of water results in weak grass roots and encourages thick thatch to grow. Thatch is a layer of dead and living grass that sits between healthy grass and soil. Too much thatch can block grass from reaching the nutrients it needs in the ground.

3. Wrong Grass Seed

Did you know that specific types of grass will only grow in certain soil or climates? For example, if you attempt to grow Bermuda grass on your property rather than Kentucky bluegrass, your lawn won’t grow, causing you to become frustrated. Other factors discourage grass seeds to grow such as trying to grow grass in a shady area or individuals walking on grass that has been seeded. 

4. Unsuitable Soil

While you can choose the appropriate grass seed for your lawn and water or fertilize it the right amount, if your property has unsuitable soil, you’ll still end up with a patchy lawn. It’s important to understand the type of soil you have and if it’s susceptible to lawn disease or pests. There are kits you can purchase in order to test your soil and get a better idea of how to treat it accordingly.

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