While fertilizer does not kill weeds, it definitely assists in keeping them at bay. The right fertilizer program for your Muncie lawn can keep your soil healthy and encourage strong root growth. At All Brothers Lawn Squad, LLC, we recommend a combination of weed control and fertilizer. Working together, these two lawn care services will provide these amazing benefits, and give you a thick green lawn you can enjoy all summer long.

3 Ways Fertilizer Can Keep Weeds at Bay in Your Muncie Lawn

Healthy Soil

Healthy soil provides an unfriendly environment for growing weeds. Many common weeds, like clover and dandelion, thrive in soil that is low in nitrogen, yet grass grows in soil that is high in nitrogen. Many fertilizers contain high levels of nitrogen as this element is essential for grass to thrive. With the right fertilizer application, your soil will be a breeding ground for lush, green grass, yet prevent those pesky weeds.

Thick Grass

Along with healthy soil, fertilizer also encourages thick and sturdy grass growth. It will help replenish the soil with healthy nutrients, prevent most weeds from sprouting, and snuff out almost all weed seedlings that may appear. With weeds gone, the grass has the nutrition and space it needs to flourish and grow sturdy and strong.

Stored Nutrients

Another benefit of a fertilized lawn is its ability to store nutrients, especially through the winter. If you fertilize your lawn throughout the year, the healthy grass is able to store any extra nutrients while lying dormant beneath the snow. As it grows in the spring, this nourishment gives it a major boost, allowing it to grow before any weeds have a chance to pop up first. A healthy lawn is a great defense against invading weeds. 

Schedule a Lawn Health Care Assessment

Keep your lawn healthy with weed control and fertilization services from All Brothers Lawn Squad. Contact us at (765) 371-4186 to schedule a lawn health care assessment today. We also offer seeding and renovation, aeration, spring and fall clean-up, lawn pest control, and EAB treatment in Richmond, Portland, Union City, and all nearby Muncie, IN, communities.

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