Emerald ash borer is an exotic beetle that feeds on the leaves of ash trees. While adult beetles cause little damage to trees, the larvae are responsible for the most invasive destruction. Because they live in the inner bark of the ash tree, they hinder this hardwood from absorbing the water and nutrients it needs to thrive. This tiny bug has killed an immeasurable amount of ash trees in North America.

If your Muncie property is suffering from these aggressive insects, the team at All Brothers Lawn Squad LLC is here to help. We use the most effective yet sustainable methods for treating emerald ash borer. Keep reading to learn more about our process.

3 Benefits of Our Effective Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

1. Use the Most Effective Approach

Rather than applying sprays or pesticides around the tree, we use a treatment that is injected directly into the trunk of the ash hardwood. This method utilizes the tree’s own circulatory system to deliver the treatment throughout the entire tree. Because the ash borer larvae live within the tree’s interior, this is by far the best way to tackle this invasive beetle.

2. Prevent Exposure to Chemical Compounds

Because we are not spraying pesticides in your yard, your family and pets are safe from any lingering chemicals or solutions. This is another reason why we utilize this approach. If we can safely and effectively destroy the emerald ash borer without causing harm to your family, why would we do anything else?

3. Use Sustainable Products

At All Brothers, we use Arborjet equipment and pest control products for treating emerald ash borers. This company is known for using innovative sustainability practices for lawn care and pest control that have the least amount of environmental impact. By using Arbojet, not only are we safely caring for the environment, but we are also successfully treating your property. 

Schedule an Assessment Today

If you believe emerald ash borer may be responsible for your dying or diseased trees, contact All Brothers today. You can schedule an assessment by calling us at (765) 371-4186. We also provide many other lawn care services such as seeding and renovation, fertilization and weed control, and spring and fall cleanup throughout the Muncie area, including Yorktown and New Castle.

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